Phil Strout

National Director, Vineyard USA

“We cannot reap where we have not sown. As leaders in the body of Christ we must recognize that if we want young men and women to join hand in hand with us we must make room for them. HLI is a vehicle that is saying, come-away for this short, intense season and see where spiritual formation, education and ministry participation will take you. For the last two years I have witnessed the transformation and formation of some amazing young leaders from around the world. This is the real deal of discipleship grounded in Vineyard values and ancient pillars that have served the cause of Christ for centuries.”

Daniela Rojas

2013 student from San Sebastian, Spain

“In HLI you are shaped by those around you. Before HLI I didn’t think healthy community was possible. Imagine a community that allows you to break down barriers, confronts you when needed and helps you grow in loving way! Now I believe in church again and know I can create that type of community wherever I go.”



Ethan Audie

2012 student from Lisbon, Maine

“HLI not only pushed my life in a 180  turn, but it cracked me open by actually teaching me how to have a relationship with my creator and breaking off the junk that held me down in my past.  I learned what it meant to serve and how to lead myself through my everyday life. Words cannot express what God has done in me through this Institute, but if I had to sum up the whole experience in one word, it would be nothing short of ‘dynamic’.”


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