Lewiston, Maine


A former industrial center, Lewiston is located in south-central Maine, at the falls of the Androscoggin River. Lewiston and Auburn are often considered twin cities. They have a combined population of 59,647 people. In recent years, Lewiston has opened it’s doors to a significant amount of refugees from Somalia and Sudan changing the dynamics and demographics. Over the last 5 years Lewiston has seen a rebirth in it’s downtown area with art shows, many new eateries and festivals but it also continues to be home to the poorest square mile north of Boston, so it’s outreach opportunities are endless.



About Pathway Vineyard Church

Pathway is a multi-site church that has been committed to the redemptive history of the state of Maine and beyond since 1987. Vineyard National Director, Phil Strout (former pastor at Pathway) and now Senior pastor, Allen Austin were key contributors to the pioneering of the Heroic Leadership Institute. Through many of it’s service venues such as Celebrate recovery, Pathway Community Center, pathway seeks to provide for the very real humanitarian needs of the Lewiston community. Pathway is a multi-generational church with significant efforts made to ensure that each and every age group is given the opportunity to experience the Father’s love and have their own God stories. If you have a passion for the elderly, young families, teenagers, tweeners or the little ones, Pathway has a way for you to plug in and make a significant contribution to the well-being of people.


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Lewiston staff


Thomas was a part of the first planning meeting before HLI was even launched and worked on staff for the first two years. He has been on the staff at Pathway Vineyard for the last 6 years and pastored their Saturday night service as well as overseeing the multi-media department. Mary joined the HLI team as full time staff in the Fall of 2012 and has continued on HLI staff since then. Mary originally comes from the Vineyard at the Barn where she was the director of their inner city outreach called Freedom Outreach. Both Thomas and Mary have been serving the youth of the East Region for many years. They are both passionate about investing in the young people of our movement and have been invested in HLI since the beginning.