How Ingenuity Prepared Us For Our Mission Trip By Tegan Nelmark


Happy April everyone! I hope everyone stayed warm this winter! This winter has been super cold here in Upper Minnesota. I betcha everyone is excited for the spring! I know that I have been really excited for what God has been doing in my life and the people that I have been spending these past couple months with. Something that I am really pumped for was our international trip to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.  

With this upcoming trip to Mexico I have a couple of mixed emotions about it. On one hand I am really excited to meet God in what He is already doing down there, and the other hand I am really nervous about traveling (I have never been on a plane) and being in a new location. My excitement really steams from the love I have for the people there. During my year at Heroic Leadership Institute, God has been showing me how to really love people in simple ways, and one of the ways is just being open to emotion and vulnerability. In the beginning of HLI I would barley share how I was feeling because I just literally couldn't. I felt that even when I would speak it wouldn't matter, I didn’t have a vulnerable bone in my body.  Since Mexico is a very different culture than Northern Minnesota, I am looking forward to seeing God work around and in me and to have that courage and opportunity to practice the areas I am growing in.

Something we have also been practicing, one of the four pillars of Ignatian Sprituality, is Ingenuity or the practice of indifference.  In HLI we call this “one foot in the air.” This means having one foot, at all times planted in Jesus, and the other foot in the air ready to go in any direction He is calling you in. With one foot planted you will not be knocked down. You will stay planted in Him when things get hard. With one foot raised you will be able to adapt confidently wherever God takes you in any situation. In Mexico, we will not know what exactly we are doing at all times, but we just need to come at it with this mindset. It will be extremely hard, because we have the enemy coming at us and all the feels of being away from home.      

With all of this, I am really excited for what God has planned for us while being in Mexico. He will be opening so many doors for all of us while we are there, and probably closing a lot. We will have to choose to partner with Jesus and be able to change direction at any moment and hold things with a open hand.

Mary McKellick