Excitement For The Ukraine! by Samuel Murphy


Hey! My name is Samuel Murphy, I’m a photographer,  videographer, and HLI student in Kansas City. In this newsletter, I’ve been given the opportunity to share my feelings and thoughts leading up to our mission trip to the Ukraine!  

I’ve always had an immense love of traveling. Starting from a young age, all of my extended family lived eight plus hours away, and we would visit them multiple times a year. Over time I began to enjoy the long car rides. Observing the drastic changes in landscapes, over what seemed like such short periods of time, captivated my developing mind.  So as you can imagine, I’m feeling quite elated about this new adventure.

As my director Chaz announced the details of the trip, my enthusiasm grew. The second of the three weeks we will spend in the Ukraine working with an organization by the name of “Cru” (formerly Campus Crusade for Christ) in Kiev, to assist in teaching English to college students. Their students do not get a lot of practice with native English speakers, so we will be able to provide plenty of practice. This is an amazing opportunity! For an entire week, we will basically be talking about our lives with Jesus to tons of students in the Ukraine.


Our next and final week, we will be heading from Kiev west to Zhytomr ( SHA-TOE-MER). Once we arrive, we will be volunteering with an orphanage. The kids and people there are in dramatically different living conditions than here in the U.S. A lot of children have been abused and abandoned due to a multitude of reasons. This is a heartbreaking reality for over 100,000 children. We get to be the hands and feet of Jesus for them even if only for a short time. We may not see miraculous healings like in the Bible. But, to demonstrate that God is a caring and wants to meet them where they are, is completely worth while.  

My heart for this trip, is to see the Love of God move in a new way for these students and kids. Sure, feelings of discouragement may set in because of lack of sleep and uncomfortable situations on our part. But more importantly than those things, we are only going there to make the name of Jesus known! So as we prepare and and wait in anticipation, be praying for us. Pray for safe travels, good health, servant hearts and honoring minds. Your partnership is remarkably important! Thanks so much for reading!

Mary McKellick