This is the Best Place You Could Be by Abigail Mailhot


At almost three weeks into the HLI journey, the nineteen students have been seeking and leaning into what Jesus wants to do in them while they are here. The students are seeing Jesus show them how much love and care He has for them. As a result of this, the true scope of Jesus’s love and attention has been a little shocking for some. To be reminded of the truth can be overwhelming in the best way.  

Whatever we have done, whatever we have said, whatever we have believed, whatever we have experienced, the best thing to do is to bring it to Jesus. There is nothing out of His sight, nothing He does not already know, nothing that He is careless with. The students are discovering that the HLI experience is entirely a “go to Jesus” journey, over and over again. No matter what comes to the surface, going to Jesus first is the answer. 

One student in particular was describing the shame they were feeling over past decisions and experiences. In this moment, it was Jesus who made it clear to them that HLI was the place He brought them to heal the shame. No matter what advice or reminder they could be given by others, Jesus always has better things to say. This is the best place you could be.

Mary McKellick