Dangerously Graceful by Victoria Kingery


My name is Victoria and I’m an intern for HLI this year. I grew up in Iowa, participated in HLI in Kansas and now I live in Minnesota doing this great job!

Dangerously Graceful. This is a prophetic word I was given during my last few months of HLI. The person described it to me like this: “It’s like you’re walking on a tightrope really high in the air. It’s super dangerous but your movements are still really graceful.” I had no idea what it meant and what God was trying to say. So I was going to toss it aside and ignore it - but it stuck with me.

After HLI I worked at a Bible camp for kids and youth named Riverside Lutheran Bible Camp. It was a really great time! Throughout the summer I began to assume that dangerously graceful was supposed to be used in the sense of having grace with the kids and youth. And, I did! I worked on having grace with them and being patient even when they were throwing socks drenched in toilet water around the cabin, among other instances. When the children were doing insane things or saying awful things or just wouldn’t go to sleep - I was able to give them grace and love them that way. It was really powerful.

Now that I’m here, doing the internship, I’m seeing a larger scope to what that prophetic word really meant. This kind of job is something that I have no previous experience with. I didn’t do well in highschool and I’ve only worked in the fast food industry. So of course, I haven’t done the best job with this internship. There have been a lot of shortcomings and a lot of disappointments. At first I would beat myself up and let the enemy slap me with the title of a failure. After some time of that happening, God brought up the word dangerously graceful again. That’s when it dawned on me. 

Being dangerously graceful doesn’t only apply to the children that I’m leading for the week. It doesn’t only apply to God having grace with me when I mess up. It applies to everything and everyone! I worked so hard trying to figure out what dangerously graceful could have possibly meant. But it isn’t just one thing. I need to be so full of grace that it bleeds into everything, that it feels dangerous! Being dangerously graceful applies to my coworkers, to the people I’m leading, to the strangers that I meet, and even to authority. Our God is a graceful King. Because of that, I’m able to have grace with not only others, but with myself too.


It’s a lot easier for me to be graceful with others than it is to be graceful with myself. Being graceful with myself is the danger zone that God is calling me into, with the promise that He’ll keep me safe.

There are several other words that my HLI classmates gave me that God is still bringing to the light. But this one, dangerously graceful, is the one that I've had to wrestle with over and over again. I’m sure that there are more layers to being dangerously graceful that I simply haven’t found yet. I trust that God is going to bring them up in His own perfect timing. Pray for me as I get filled with even more grace.

Mary McKellick