How HLI Has Become A Home By Dylan Marshall


As the end of the first semester of HLI is quickly approaching I am reminded of what a wild but exciting ride it has been so far. From cliff jumping, to the jam sessions, there is never a dull moment. Never in my life would I have thought that one could accomplish so much in just one short semester, but here I am.

We have served and have been served. We have taught and been taught. We have traveled to some beautiful places, and we can’t wait to travel more. All along the way we get the amazing privilege of making relationships and living in community with some of the greatest young leaders and people I have ever met. All of which have become like family. Step by step we draw closer to each other and closer to God, both by destroying each other in knockerball, and by speaking life into each other.

None of this would be possible without the exceptional leaders that God has paired us with. Chaz, who shows us how to live through God in every aspect of life, and how to see God even in the hardest moments. Mark, who has inspired us by his love for God, and has shown us the life changing impact that having a loving relationship with Jesus can have. David, who is a seemingly endless book of knowledge, and has taught us just how important it is to dig deep into God’s word. It is this crazy complex combination that has made HLI feel like home; a home I wouldn’t trade for the world.

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Mary McKellick