How Vineyard MLM Impacted My Life by Max Martinez


The Glen Eyrie Castle and majestic mountains of Colorado seemed like the only setting suitable for our remarkable experience at the Vineyard Mission Leaders Meeting 2018. It was truly a week to be grateful for, as God blessed us personally and we got to see some of the astonishing work God is doing throughout the Vineyard Movement. The voyage began with a 10-hour car ride in a “cozy” passenger van through West Kansas. Which at first, may not seem like the paramount portion of the journey, but God even used that time to lure us into deeper spiritual community as brothers and sisters. It’s not often you find a group so filled with joy and love that it makes you a little excited to traverse the desolate plains together.

Upon arriving in Colorado, we got stay a night at the Mile High Vineyard in Arvada. We then set off on our expedition to some of the most beautiful places Colorado has to offer. Despite our complete lack of oxygen, it was almost like we got to breathe in the life of God’s creation. Reaching the summit of Pike’s Peak, and strolling through Garden of the Gods, gave us time to just soak in the presence of the Holy Spirit. Our director Chaz shared with us, not only his deep gratitude and appreciation for nature, but also some profound insight for us as we hiked through the valleys and mountain tops of our walk with Jesus. This was all before the conference started! The sheer volume of things the Lord did for us and with us was incredible.


Once arriving at the conference it was through mind-blowing sessions, Holy Spirit filled ministry and worship times, and stories from people God has used in unbelievable fashions, we got to witness the power of God in our own lives, in the lives of the great leaders around us, and around the world. The opportunity for us as young adults to be taught by and worship with leaders that have been able to partner with God in the in-breaking of His Kingdom was priceless. For me personally, my favorite part of the conference was the meals. We got to sit down with real-life heroic leaders! They took time to answer our questions, share what God was doing in their lives, and offer knowledge, encouragement, and inspiration for us taking part in God’s Kingdom too. We have come away with grateful hearts from this time. We have been deeply impacted by the things the Holy Spirit had prepared for us during this conference. We are also so grateful for all the people God has used to get us here. We are excited to head into the rest of the year here in Kansas City, and all that God has for us. Go do great things!

Mary McKellick