Becoming Who I Want to Be By Miguel Rojas


Coming to HLI has been one of the greatest decisions I have ever made. It has resulted in a tremendous change in my life, for it has been shaping and instructing me into the man that God desires for me to be. So far it has been packed with awesome, unforgettable memories and events that have helped me to improve as a heroic leader. I was able to see a difference in my persona, and in my leadership skills through events like Limitless, Faith Walking, the Silent Retreat, Wired and many different other retreats and road trips.

One of the most impactful events in HLI was Limitless. Limitless is a youth conference in which we get to care for and teach students by spending time with them in different fun activities inside and outside of the church. It is a great way to teach the kids about the love of Jesus and prepared them to share about Him with their friends. Also, we were able to teach the youth about depending on God in the midst of any situation in their lives. During my time serving at this event, I was able to truly appreciate the way that the church sacrificially loved the youth that came to the event.   

Faith Walking was another event that really has shaped and strengthen my relationship with God. Faith Walking is a spiritual formation process in which we learn how to redeem some negative vows that we may have had made in our past. Through these vows, we tend to create a false self that keeps us from being vulnerable with God. Walking through this process opened my eyes to how I was approaching God. I had let my negative vows take over the way I communicated with God, and as a result I was presenting a false self to Him. Honestly, that was not only affecting my relationship with God, but also my day-by-day life. I was not able to fully feel and engage with the Holy Spirit, so there was always something missing after I reached out to God. During Faith Walking, God reminded me of some negative vows that I have been trying to hide from Him and myself. After that, I was able to finally present my true self to God without shame or guilt. Thankfully, because God was speaking to me so clearly to me, it has changed the way I pray and approach God in my daily life.  

In conclusion, HLI has been a huge calling for me. Not only has it provided me with tools to grow as a leader, but it has also taught me different values that will help shape me into the man that God has called me to be. I am excited to see what God has ready for me as I finish the program, and as I go back home to continue following Him.

Mary McKellick