The Truth About Transition By Sarah Emano


Transition is hard and that’s okay. I’ve recently relocated to a new state and prepared myself for challenges to come. When the challenges ended up being in areas I wasn’t expecting and the emotions of hardship were an experience of the process I couldn’t skip, I became uncomfortable. A dear friend once told me, “To be uncomfortable is a good thing. It means your mind is being challenged.”

         When I look at the grand scheme of things, yes, “...we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; character, hope.” (Romans 5:3-4), but honestly, perseverance is hard. It takes disciplined effort and intentionality. It’s a lot easier up front to run away then to face challenges. In order to make healthier choices for the long run I had to accept and surrender some things. I had to accept the reality that transition is hard because it’s the unknown, slow, different, and stretching. I had to surrender control, ideals, comforts, and experiences. In the midst of transition’s hardships I’ve had to make the choice to rest in some truths. Those truths are that hope is not lost when put in the Lord, He has invited me on this journey with Him, and He sees the view from the mountaintops when I can only see from the valley in front of me.

         In exchange for what I thought “being in control” would bring me, surrendering to God continues to bring me true freedom. I have been humbled by God’s limitless grace for me in the process of adjusting to change. I’m finding out more and more that my willingness to say ‘yes’ to Jesus continues to grow because He’s always faithful and carries me through. Last but not least, God continues to show me that embracing that there is hardship in transition isn’t defeating, but healing. He asks me to continue to be present to where I’m at, in both pain and joy, as He is ever present with me.

Mary McKellick