Safe Communities Lead To Transparent Lives By Natalie Pierce


After 4 months of being in HLI, I’ve learned a lot. There are so many things I could say about this first season for me here in Lewiston, ME. What truly sticks out to me, and what really is the best part, is the relationships. We’ve created a family here. I love going to dinners, watching movies, and laughing ‘til we cry with my classmates and friends.

This past week, we talked about character in class. God pointed out to me that when I try to live out of my own means, as a broken and weak human, I limit what He can do through me. I live with a mask on that says “I’m better than I really am”. But if I let go, He can use His power in my weakness and do abundantly more than I can even dream.

God is teaching me about weakness, who He is, and how He loves everyone like crazy. I couldn't imagine doing this without the people I have around me. I feel so lucky to be under the leaders here. I’m becoming more myself, and that translates to every area of my life. Next semester will hold surprises, challenges, growth, and love, and I can't wait for it.

Mary McKellick