Our Experience at the Missional Leader's Meeting by Shelby Hennager and Jason Smith


The Missional Leader’s Meeting was such an amazing experience. It was a great opportunity to meet a lot of leaders throughout the Vineyard movement. I had the chance to sit down and hear their stories which gave me a better idea of what it looks like to go out and spread the kingdom. I was also able to find out about the different parts of the Vineyard that I had never heard of. One entity I learned about was Multiply Vineyard. The highlight of my week was all the prayer opportunities. Having been involved in prayer ministry in the past, it was really easy for me to pour into others and neglect myself. At the MLM I was able to have one-on-one time with some amazing individuals and really be filled up and prophesied over. I was able to find out more about my calling, and have some verification in that area of my faith. It was an amazing experience from the moment we arrived at check-in, till the minute we drove out. Shelby Hennager

The opportunity for our class to be able to attend the Missional Leader’s Meeting was hugely impactful to me. During that week I was able to not only grow closer to my classmates during our lengthy drives, but I was able to meet a large amount of influential and experienced leaders in the Vineyard movement. One of the suggestions made to us as students was to sit apart from one another during meals. The people we were able to meet by doing this were fantastic. Initially we were a little hesitant. However, the second we were able to listen to the inspirational stories from these leaders and hear their words of advice and wisdom for us, we were glad we had taken the risk to sit with new people. For me personally, I was blessed to have met Thor Colberg from Charlotte, North Carolina. He shared with me these incredible stories of the work he has been a part of in Africa. I was so inspired to hear about the faith of the people he had met and how he was able to share the love of Jesus. One of the people I met was very generous to me and donated to my HLI fund after we had talked for a while about what I am doing in Kansas City.

At MLM the ministry time was also extremely impactful. Worship was a great time to recharge so I could then go and pray for others. During the last night of the retreat there was a great outbreak of the Spirit and during that time I was able to pray for a woman's shoulder that had a tendon that was torn 3 times, and she was completely healed.  Jason Smith

Mary McKellick