Phil Strout

National Director, Vineyard USA

“We cannot reap where we have not sown. As leaders in the body of Christ we must recognize that if we want young men and women to join hand in hand with us we must make room for them. HLI is a vehicle that is saying, come-away for this short, intense season and see where spiritual formation, education and ministry participation will take you. For the last two years I have witnessed the transformation and formation of some amazing young leaders from around the world. This is the real deal of discipleship grounded in Vineyard values and ancient pillars that have served the cause of Christ for centuries.”

Dick & Maida Ray

Senior Pastor, Vineyard Area Leader of Maine & New Hampshire

“HLI combines the best of fruitful discipleship models; intensive spiritual formation, top notch teachings by practitioners (not just theorists), hands on practical application and a strong emphasis on the local church!! We love how HLI is developing “Jesus Followers” who will bear fruit for generations to come.”

John Elmer

Senior Pastor, Regional Leader of the Vineyard East

“Rarely is there a program that brings together spiritual formation, educational pursuits and hands-on experiences.  Even rarer would be a program geared specifically for youth.  Add to that the focus on Vineyard values at its core and you have an outstanding program that is really making a difference in the life of young people.  I highly recommend the Heroic Leadership Institute.”

Michael Gatlin

Senior Pastor, National Church Planting Director & Parent of 2011 Alumni

“Heroic Leadership Institute has been an answer to prayer and a blessing to me as the coordinator of Vineyard church planting, as a senior pastor, and even as a parent. Our students have long needed a comprehensive and accessible discipleship school that fully embodies Vineyard values and practices and is thoroughly undergirded with kingdom of God theology. HLI meets this need. My own son participated in the pioneer year and was envisioned for a life-time of healthy ministry. So I am excited to be able to point our younger Vineyard up and coming leaders to this intensive year-long discipleship opportunity.”

Jeremiah Carlson

Worship Leader with The Neverclaim

“HLI is one of my favorite discipleship schools today. It brings together components that are very attractive and relevant to young people. With Biblical and Practical Kingdom of God training, affordability and accessibility and teaching people that they can impact this world in a mighty way for God. They do all of this while bringing honor and value back to the local church.”

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Ethan Audie

2012 student from Lisbon, Maine

“HLI not only pushed my life in a 180  turn, but it cracked me open by actually teaching me how to have a relationship with my creator and breaking off the junk that held me down in my past.  I learned what it meant to serve and how to lead myself through my everyday life. Words cannot express what God has done in me through this Institute, but if I had to sum up the whole experience in one word, it would be nothing short of ‘dynamic’.”

Daniela Rojas

2013 student from San Sebastian, Spain

“In HLI you are shaped by those around you. Before HLI I didn’t think healthy community was possible. Imagine a community that allows you to break down barriers, confronts you when needed and helps you grow in loving way! Now I believe in church again and know I can create that type of community wherever I go.”

Pauline Powell

Host Home 2014

Rick & I loved having HLI students in our home.  It was a very positive experience and we bonded well with both girls.  I saw great growth in them throughout the HLI experience…”

Dave & Lynn Tupper

Host Home 2013 & 2014

“We can not say enough about the life changing experience of being a host home for HLI! Of course there were nerves galore before meeting our girls, but going into the initial meet and greet with the simple plan of offering our hearts, a solid foundation and a soft place to land brought us peace.

Dave and I set the expectations in our home right from the start. Moving in meant joining the family in every sense from chores to family time to praying together. We cooked, we goofed off, we cried, we cleaned, we went for simple family outings…Yup; we were a family!  Occasional bumps in the Journey? Of course, that’s real living, but done lovingly and with grace, works!

Going into our third year of hosting is exciting, but we so value the four girls
from the past two years like they are our own. We are thrilled to be considered their HLI Mom and Dad, and look forward to connected futures; God is good!!”

Christian Dunn

Youth Pastor, National Task Force Leader

“Maturity. Depth. Passion. I could see all three in the lives of the young adults who have returned to our church after 9 months with the Heroic Leadership Institute. A lot of people ask, “is it worth it?” I say yes! HLI challenges young adults to take themselves seriously as members of the Kingdom, to allow the Holy Spirit to refine and rebuild them, and to commit their futures into the hands of Jesus wholeheartedly. They are training the next generation of leaders to be people of character, passion, vision, and accountability. I’m excited to see what the future holds (both in the Vineyard and around the world) for the grads of HLI.”