Our Sites

One School, 3 locations


Every HLI sites has…

  • A thriving Vineyard church that is committed to serving the movement
  • A senior leadership team and staff that fully supports the HLI program
  • Local outreach opportunities both with the church and in the greater community
  • A cross-cultural mission trip, often with the church’s partnership location
  • Local Mentors to guide students through the journey
  • Host homes who love HLI students and have been through the HLI screening and training process

Things that are unique to each site…

The way each of these similarities work themselves out in the context of each particular church as community can vary. The outreach options can vary per site and even year by year as new opportunities present themselves.

When Heroic Leadership Institute started in 2011 it was birthed from a vision to see a generation changed by meeting it’s creator in an intense environment of education, spiritual formation and participation. Always there was a dream to not be confined to one church community or one geographical location. It was a hope that this vision would spread across the country and across the globe. Pathway Vineyard in Lewiston, Maine started with a pioneering year in 2011. The Vineyard movement of churches being rooted in a set of core values and beliefs has an amazing way of displaying God’s profound creativity through a multitude of expressions of church. It is this diversity which HLI wants to honor and encourage. Even though each Heroic Leadership Institute location will live by a core curriculum, each location will have it’s own flavor. Each location will capitalize on it’s strengths. Each location will be an intense environment of education, spiritual formation and participation.

Duluth, Minnesota

Kansas City, Kansas

Lewiston, Maine

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