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2017 Webinars


January 22, 2017 at 9pm EST~ Can your faith deepen and grow during your college years? Statistics can make us feel like our spiritual life is doomed during our years in University, but at HLI we have seen that does not have to be your fate. Join our webinar to hear HLI alumni Chad Keizer and HLI friend Joelinda Johnson as they share from their own journey! They will give you 3 key action steps to consider as you plan (or maybe help others plan) to THRIVE during the college years!

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February 26, 2017 at 9pm EST~ Join Shawn Stepp and Luke Geraty as they explore some of the common ways that college philosophy classes can attempt to shake students theology, assumptions and convictions. Get tools to help you have healthy conversations with your college professors.

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January 31, 2016

Jay Pathak, Senior pastor of the Mile High Vineyard in Denver, CO

Topic: The Spectrum of the Kingdom.

As you search for a new church in your college town, choose a podcast to feed your soul, lead a Bible study or listen to worship music, you will experience the variety of meanings attached to the phrase “Kingdom of God”. In the Vineyard movement, our 1st core value is the “Theology and Practice of the Kingdom of God”. Tune into this webinar with Jay Pathak as he breaks down the spectrum of meanings that can be attached to this phrase and what it means to us as Vineyard people. How does the Kingdom of God affect your life; your friendships, your calling, the pain you encounter, the pursuit of justice, healing and failures? Bring your questions and comments as we dialogue through this life-changing concept.

The recording of this webinar did not meet the standards we were hoping for as we had some internet issues, BUT we do want to provide you with a link of a different teaching Jay did on this topic that is fantastic! Enjoy: Kingdom teaching with Jay Pathak (passcode: HLI)

Resources for this conversation: The Gospel of the Kingdom by George E. Ladd, Breakthrough by Derek Morphew

February 28, 2016

Phil Strout, National Director of Vineyard USA:

Topic: No Wasted Season, Seeing God in the Midst of Transitions.

Listen now: HLI Equip with Phil Strout

Resources for this conversation: God’s Relentless Pursuit by Phil Strout

March 20, 2016

Society of Vineyard Scholars: Caleb Maskell with guest Matt Croasman

Can our time at college or university be an intentional season of growth in the Kingdom of God? Listen to Caleb and Matt share about their experience during their time at Yale as they planted a Vineyard church and built significant bridges with their academic community while studying.

Caleb Maskell leads the Steering Committee of the Society of Vineyard Scholars (www.vineyardscholars.org). A PhD candidate in the Department of Religion at Princeton University, specializing in American religious history, he has taught at Fordham University and Princeton Theological Seminary. He has helped to plant two Vineyard churches: Hyde Park Vineyard in Chicago and Elm City Vineyard in New Haven, CT.

Matt Croasmun is a staff pastor at the Elm City Vineyard and Associate Research Scholar and Director of the Life Worth Living program at the Yale Center for Faith & Culture. Having recently completed his PhD in New Testament at Yale University, he teaches the Life Worth Living seminar, which invites undergraduates to ask deep questions of meaning and purpose in a pluralistic classroom.

Watch Now: https://vimeo.com/159738387

Topic: Bringing the Kingdom in Academic Settings


May 22, 2016 9pm EST

CAUSECON Follow-up Conversation

Topic: Did you attend or watch CauseCon 2016? There were some amazing dialogues and conversations started. Join this webinar to hear speakers and leaders address the questions that time did not allow for during the event!

Listen today: https://vimeo.com/171590628


July 31, 2016 at 9pm

Creating a culture of creativity and worship

Speaker: Adam Russell, Sr. pastor at the Maryville Vineyard, Vineyard Worship songwriter & the owner of a really cool health food store.

Topic: What does it look like to create a culture around you that nurtures and encourages creativity? How do we continue to be people who take risks and make intentional space for expressing through the creative way we are wired? Adam Russell has been leading creatively in his faith community, in worship and in business for the last few decades.